Solution for Low ID eMule users


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eMule was the leader of P2P clients, but it has been loosing users day by day while other P2P clients such as Ares or Limewire due to the complexity of the first one. Tasks like choosing the server we want to connect or open the ports of the router have made users to try other P2P solutions.

DreaMule is an application that tries to lead back to the top of the list and it tries it by improving some features, specially the one that solves one of the major problems when using eMule: Low ID . How can I solve Low ID problem? That's a question I've listened hundreds of times and it's not easy to solve, but DreaMule and its Low2Low function make users with a Low ID to enjoy faster download rates.

DreaMule connects automatically and you don't have to configure the servers.met, the interface is very intuitive and colorful and it also features a built-in media player.

It's time to try a new P2P solution to boost your downloads.
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